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How to build a shelf system to hold almost anything!

sturdy garage shelf system


Tired of paying the constantly rising storage prices, I built a garage shelf system for the boxes and even some of the furniture (See Photo A). This sturdy shelf may help you out too. This article is Part 2— see Part 1 in last month’s issue.

I kept everything with eight-foot measurements since that makes it easy for figuring. Depth was three feet, but you can use two feet to save on extra lumber. When you cut 96-inch stud you will have 24 inch left over which we used for the blocks to support the shelves.

Each shelf height was based on my boxes and the height of the riding lawnmower (See the Photo C). With three levels we would have a great deal of space. The yardstick is a great measuring tool since you can mark on it. The riding mower would need 36 inches under the first shelf for the mower to park so the yard stick works easily to mark that on a nearly straight stud.

Use a scrap 2×4 piece to mark the location of a 4-inch block (See the Photo D). The blocks will help support the shelf items’ weight with two screws and each 2×4 that rests on it will have two screws. Set these screws diagonally. If you want to get fancy, you can cut a 45-degree bottom edge of the block (See the Photo E). 

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