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Google Notes sounds nice but there may be the bad side.

Google has announced it may be adding a “Notes” widget to search results. Recently, a new feature appeared on the SGE labs called “Notes’. It is an experimental widget that searchers can turn on and off. The idea is that searchers can write comments and connect them to a website. Other searchers will be able to read the notes as part of each search result.


How Google Notes works.

How Notes works
You will be able to see, create, and share notes on Google Search and Discover material. Two icons may appear underneath the search result snippet. Your personal note can be added to that search result listing using this button. Th # displays the number of notes on a search result listing and enables you to examine some on a different page.


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Mass shootings in the United States of America

Mass Shootings are defined as an incident in which four or more victims are shot or killed. Quit spending millions of dollars on lobbying to protect the killers and quit wasting your time trying to pass laws that will not solve the problem. Use these funds and efforts to create technology that can spot and stop weapon carrying shooters. With all the technology we have, we can protect our children.

United we stand, divided we fall!

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School Shootings 2023

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School Shootings 2022

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School Shootings 2021

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