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The unseen house pest—Bed Bugs!

The unseen house pest—Bed Bugs!Bed bugs, which survive solely on blood, can be found in both clean and unclean homes and hotel rooms. It's not a sign of filth to have them in your house.Bed bugs typically bite people while they are sleeping and are most active at...

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Which contractor do you need?

The best person for the job may not be who you think.Choose a contractor with experience and photos of their work. Get 3 references and tight estimates of costs and time. You may need a licensed plumber or electrician or you may just need a handyman. There are a...

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Now everyone thinks they are designers.

Graphic Design has changed drastically over the last decade.When the personal computer added design programs, it gave anyone that could figure them out the ability to lay out and create their own marketing. It reminded me of the electronic organs where someone could...

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Questions to ask before hiring a commercial inspector

Issues can be can be discovered before closing.Buying commercial property carries a number of risks such as unexpected repairs. However, hidden issues can be addressed before the investment is finalized. Poor ventilation, leaks, excessive moisture, electrical service...

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Part 3: How to build a sturdy garage shelf system

Assembling the shelf system to hold almost anything.Now that everything is cut, you can assemble this sturdy shelf sysstem which may help you out with storing items. This article is Part 3— see Part 1 in December’s issue and Part 2 in last month’s issue.Step 1Use a...

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