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Managing quality when working on buildouts and renovations

Companies expect the general contractor to renovate per the expected standards of the industry. Builders will follow the codes and standards, but these may be the minimum levels of safety, quality, and reliability. The potential contractor should include in their proposal defined guidelines and scope of work. They should also include how their construction company has systems in place to maintain and manage quality.

A contractor should include planning, assurance, and improvements in their quality control management plan. This is achieved by monitoring and tracking operational processes.

“A proposal should show how supply of construction materials will change costs, milestones, and deliverables of a project.”

Cox & Co, The Best Commercial Interior Contractors in Atlanta

Technology today is growing exponentially to help check and calculate construction adherence to design plans. There are several companies that have 3D scanners and model building software to show the defects even in concrete. Before cutting or drilling into concrete, a non-evasive scanner from Hilti or Leica can detect metal and non-metal objects. This scanning technology can create a three-dimensional image of the building and the surrounding landscaping and structures.

Most experienced construction companies have an in-house team to analyze all aspects of the project to maintain the expected quality. Materials should last and working items should operate as intended. To assure the client, an inspection can be provided to show any defects and how they were repaired.

Everyone in the build-out process should understand what is expected, and when it will be delivered. How well your general contractor communicates with other companies is a vital component of quality management.

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