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Understanding the True Costs of Homeownership

Discover the often-overlooked costs that come with purchasing and maintaining a new home, besides mortgage payments.

The Financial Realities of Buying a New Home

Purchasing a new home is a significant financial commitment that goes beyond the initial sale price. Prospective homeowners must consider mortgage payments, which can vary based on interest rates and loan terms. Additionally, property taxes are a recurring expense that can fluctuate based on the home’s assessed value and local tax rates.

Homeowners insurance is another essential cost, providing protection against potential damages and liabilities. Maintenance expenses, including routine upkeep and unexpected repairs, can add up over time. Understanding these costs is crucial for budgeting and ensuring long-term financial stability in your new home.

Key Homeownership Statistics

Explore the average financial commitments associated with owning a new home. These statistics provide a clear picture of what new homeowners can expect to pay annually based on a 2500 square foot house.

Buyers should considerthe following unexpected costs when buying a house:

• Mainteance which can range from 1–4% of the cost of the home.

• Property insurance which can run from 1.1% – 2.5% of the cost of the home. 

• Utilities can run from $290 – $450 per month depending on the weather.

• Appliance repair/replacement after 5 years

• Sewer/septic repair and mainteance

• Landscape services

• Pest control

• Many insurance companies are now prorating the repair of a damaged roof so expect to pay more than the deductible after 7–10 years.