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Hiring a moving company can be stressful and exasperating.

There are a lot of movers that advertise as being inexpensive but when you compare, they really are not. Hidden expenses show up when the movers arrive, and it is too late to call another company.

When interviewing the moving companies, you can get a preliminary quote over the phone based on the number of rooms, square footage, date of the move, the location, and the type of move such as residential or office. Once you have narrowed down your choices to three moving companies, get an in-home quote to look at the items you want moved. These free quotes can be where the estimator comes to your house, or the estimator will do a virtual tour where you can show them each room via your mobile phone.

As part of your interview process, go the government agency Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to check for complaints. It is easier if you have the company’s US DOT Number which is required to be displayed on advertisements. However, if that is not available, you can search by state to find the company.


Research the company by reading the reviews—don’t just look at the number of stars. Find out if the reviews are legitimate complaints or praises. Look at the moving company’s responses to the reviews to see how seriously they approach customer service. Check the Better Business Bureau and just do an internet search of the companies.

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