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  Microsoft is Live with Bing Chat.

New Bing Search hero artwork

While Google is experimenting with Artificial Intelligence and search results, Bing has been using the technology for months. You can ask specific and complex queries in conversational manner with AI to get answers that are detailed or summarized.

The New Bing’s goal is to deliver the best search results to questions of any search engine. Microsoft wants to supplant Google as the big Gorilla of the internet. Previously, Chat GPT was the new search technology to compete with Siri but Chat does not have the ability to converse.

As with some of Microsoft technologies, their OpenAI is a difficult process to access. First of all, you need Edge browser. You can search with Bing on other browsers and click on the chat but it will direct you to download Edge. See below on how to download.

New Bing dictation icon

Many uses for New Bing’s Artificial Intelligence. You can use it to do the following:

1. To ask for details on a query or have the New Bing summarize the answer to your question. Based on the answer, you can then ask another question.

2. To save a lot of time comparing companies through their websites – just ask the New Bing to do it.

3. To “write” something without actually writing it. The OpenAI will scour the internet to write a non-plagiarized article as almost any high school student can tell you. Use the OpenChat to improve what you have written o to rewrite it in a different style.

Contrary to rumors, teachers cannot tell if a student used AI to do their homework. In fact, if you use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to check a paper, many times it will take credit for the report when it actually was written by the student.

There are tools that will block access to the OpenAI on school computers. They can be setup on the server but most students have phones, tablets, and laptops so it seems like a lot of work and money that is not a solution to the teachers’ problem.

4. And to make teachers even more upset, you can use Bing Chat to make images based on words. You can even choose a style such as art deco or constructivism.

How do you stop Chat from using your website content?

You can use a text file to stop robots from crawling and indexing your website. You can also use a meta tag but think about not letting search engines index your site. The chance are you may never be found.

Images though are a different matter. You can block them but a better way is to keep the alternate text for robots but put a watermark on the image. Even a simple type watermark with © 2023. Of course, if you know Adobe Photoshop, you know how to get rid of the watermark.


This article was written by human intelligence. Neal Hettinger is the owner for the Hettinger Design Group and design websites, logos, ads, brochures, and contractors software programs. Neal Hettinger has published articles in Layers Magazine, Broker Realtor Magazine, City Sentinel, and been quoted by the NY Times. Neal is an adjunct instructor at Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City Community College teaching graphic and website design.

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