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Google Notes sounds nice but there may be the bad side.

Google image made with Adobe Firefly, Photoshop AI and Neal Hettinger

Google just announced a few days ago it may be adding a “Notes” widget to search results. Recently, a new feature appeared on the SGE labs called “Notes’. It is an experimental widget that searchers can turn on and off. The idea is that searchers can write comments and connect them to a website. Other searchers will be able to read the notes as part of each search result.

Google’s says they are only experimenting with “Notes” as an addition to their search functionality. This feature enables users to attach comments for the benefit of themselves and others to read. Google has said it will employ both automated and human assessments to maintain the quality of these notes, ensuring they are helpful and not spammy or abusive.
Well, we know how well that works with reviews and how anything less than 5 stars hurts with customer confidence. Anyone how has a business most likely has had a bad review that is either unfair or undeserved. Many times the reviewer thinks your business is someone else’s and rarely will they go back and remove the review.
To paraphrase Google: The emphasis on relevance in ranking these notes according to the search query and page content aligns with Google’s commitment to providing useful and accurate information to users. While Google crawls these notes for ranking within the Notes feature itself, these comments will not directly impact the ranking of the web pages in the general search results. Google’s intention is to provide insights to website owners about these notes and their impact on web content.
We don’t know for sure if Google will have these Notes but they are being tested until May 2024. If integrated into Search Console or provided as a separate feature, this insight could potentially offer problems for businesses.
As it is now, a customer has to search a business and then go to their Google Business profile knowledge box on the right, click on reviews and then read and or write reviews. With the Notes widget, it will appear on every search query result. Then the viewer can click on the note button and submit or read all the other notes.

How Notes works

You will be able to see, create, and share notes on Google Search and Discover material. Two icons may appear underneath the search result snippet. Your personal note can be added to that search result listing using this button. Th # displays the number of notes on a search result listing and enables you to examine some on a different page.
Click the Notes icon takes you to a page with a Google ranking algorithm that prioritizes the most useful notes.
You will find that Notes can have text and graphic backgrounds. All remarks have a footer link to the related website. You can choose from numerous graphic designs and add text, stickers, and photographs to your Google.
Google ranks notes on web pages by relevancy to the search query and page content but it does crawls Notes for ranking only the Notes feature. Google does not intend to rank notes in search results. Since notes have no effect on site rankings, adding more or fewer notes or different types of notes will not affect search result results.
Google said notes were built to work with web content, so it’s working on methods to give publishers insights into their web pages and content notes. Google denied that this would become a Search Console feature, saying it is merely a laboratory experiment and will reveal more specifics after it graduates.
I guess we will have to wait to see what happens. 

Other Google Features with SGE

Besides search results, SGE works with Sheets to allow you to insert a search result directly into it. You can easily share results with friends. When you hoover your cursor over words in the results, you will see definitions and diagrams to explain the summary.

Per legal requirements here are the disclaimers: Top photo’s content was partially generated with AI tools from Adobe Firefly, Photoshop AI and improved a lot by HI [Human intelligence] from Neal. The middle photo was created by Apple’s AI aka command tool and HI. The Content was written by Neal HI, embellished by ChatGPT (it is very wordy and long winded for an AI), and edited and proofed by Quilbot AI and then rewritten by Neal.

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