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 How to access the New Bing

New Microsoft AI Bing is loaded with features to deliver the best search results to questions. Many of Bing’s Artificial Intelligence features will save time.

Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser to use the New Bing and not surprisingly, that is Microsoft’s new internet browser to replace Internet Explorer. If you are on a PC you will be asked to download and install an exe file, if a Google Android you will see a QR code which is great for a phone but not a desktop. Also, if you are on your phone, how can you scan the QR code to download Edge? If on a Mac you need to know if your computer is Silicon or intel chip.

If you are on Windows 10 or 11, just press the Windows key.

There is a stipulation that you allow Microsoft to save your browsing activity to personalize Edge services such as ads and shopping.

Microsoft agreement to loose all privacy
New Bing dictation icon

Bing features you may not know about.

By using the dictation icon, you can ask a complex question or a simple question. Select the microphone icon in the Bing search bar.

You can get information on an image by selecting the camera-like icon in the Bing search bar.

How do you stop Chat from using your website content?

You can use a text file to stop robots from crawling and indexing your website. You can also use a meta tag but think about not letting search engines index your site. The chance are you may never be found.

Images though are a different matter. You can block them but a better way is to keep the alternate text for robots but put a watermark on the image. Even a simple type watermark with © 2023. Of course, if you know Adobe Photoshop, you know how to get rid of the watermark.


What is this new OpenAI called?

You would think this would be an easy answer but it is not. When you query the New Bing “what do we call Bing’s new AI” the answer is “Tiger” but when you read the description of “Tiger” it refers to the “assistant bot called ‘Chat’.” If search the New Bing “what is the Bing AI search called” the answer is Prometheus. Search results also show up with “The New Microsoft AI-powered assistant” which is really long. The latest search has the name as “Chat” which you access when you click on the Bing Chat Bubble icon in the search bar.


If you aren’t ready for the New Bing, you can still ask questions and query with photos and graphics the old way but you have to select it.


This article was written by human intelligence. Neal Hettinger is the owner for the Hettinger Design Group and design websites, logos, ads, brochures, and contractors software programs. Neal Hettinger has published articles in Layers Magazine, Broker Realtor Magazine, City Sentinel, and been quoted by the NY Times. Neal is an adjunct instructor at Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City Community College teaching graphic and website design.

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